Presentations & Interviews

ariety of topics. 


Redesigning Design Critique & Engagement

In March of 2017, I was on a panel for the redesign, hosted by AIGA at District Hall. The presentation was given by our main stakeholder at the Commonwealth Harlan Weber, and touched upon our process, and asked for feedback on our logo directions. We also had a Q&A session, where attendees asked myself and others on the panel about the redesign.


She Geeks Out Presentation: The Role of Emotional Intelligence on Collaborative Teams

This is a presentation I gave at the She Geeks Out networking event in October of 2016, about the role of emotional intelligence on collaborative teams. I've always been a psychology nerd, so this was one of the most exciting topics I've spoken about. 

Here's the transcript of the talk.


Women's Leadership Series: The Impact of Mentoring 

As a member of Velir's Women's Initiative, I suggested we have an event about the impact of mentoring. As women in tech are still a minority, I thought it was important to showcase a group of women, each at a different point in their career. At the event, they shared their stories, and talked about the impact mentorship has had on them. 


Simply Consistency: A Public Interface Interview



In August of 2017, a coworker interviewed me, asking about what goes into designing effective user experiences. Specifically, I talk about how to work with clients on UX design for high-content sites, the importance of understanding internal company language, acronyms, etc. to help clients solve problems, and how consistency is the key for great user experiences.


Design & UX Process Improvement Recommendation

In June of 2017, I gave an internal presentation to our design and user experience group at Velir about how cross-functional collaboration is possible within a waterfall-style project. I'd describe it as quirky and lighthearted, with a sense of underlying urgency for process improvement.