I'm a human-centered experience designer and design thinker. I advocate for those on the other side of the screen.


I've designed websites and web applications for both city and state government, higher education, associations, foundations, financial, B2B and B2C organizations.  




What’s always impressed me the most about Nedret has been her hunger for self-improvement. I don’t mean simply that she likes to get better at things; I mean that she’s willing to do the hard, intimidating work - to be introspective, to seek out and welcome criticism, to face new challenges - to get there. Her commitment to personal growth is a fundamental part of who she is, and I’ve seen her skills evolve and improve rapidly in response, even moving beyond pure UX and moving into strategy and behavior design.

I’ve worked with Nedret on small projects and large ones, on fun projects and on frustrating ones, and she’s never given less than her all. Her teammates love working alongside her and her clients request her by name. I strongly recommend her for any org looking for an energetic, driven, committed design thinker!

Mike Gintz, Former VP of Experience Design, Velir

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Nedret on multiple enterprise projects as a part of the same cross-functional team over the last two years. Even in her senior role she’s consistently iterating and evolving and making small improvements to her approach to solving problems that have positive downstream effects.

Outside of project work Nedret is the type of person I want in an organization. Her work ethic, enthusiasm, and attitude can positively shift company culture. Her involvement in anything automatically increases that thing’s chance for success.

- Jason Stanbery, Former Technical Director, Velir


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