Over the last 5+ years, I've worked on over 30 projects. Here is a sample of work I'm most proud of.


State of Massachusetts

I was the lead UX designer on the State of Massachusetts' website, and worked on the project for over a year. We worked as one big, integrated team; from planning and sketchwork all the way through development and release.


Harvard Library

The Harvard Library team decided to redesign their library website to be endlessly helpful. Our user testing efforts confirmed that students don't know the breadth of resources the library has to offer, so we're creating new content types to help them navigate the library system. So far, we've released a Beta site, which will eventually replace the current library website. 

Rochester Kickoff Deck

Rochester Regional Health


Rochester Regional Health came to Velir asking for strategic direction after 5 hospitals in the region merged. They want to put patients first, and bring people hope through empathy and empowerment.


Kauffman Thoughtbook

Alongside a visual designer, I worked on translating the Kauffman Foundation's featured publication, the Kauffman Thoughtbook, into an immersive, long-form online reading experience.


City of Somerville

As I was a resident of Somerville at the time, redesigning the city website to be constituent and task-focused brought me a great sense of pride. My favorite feature is the dashboard on the homepage, which provides a snapshot of the day.


AARP Public Policy Institute DataExplorer

AARP asked Velir to design and build a site to visualize data for their Public Policy group. The goal was to offer an easy pathway to data that drives policy solutions for people 50+.


Scrip Pharma Intelligence

I worked on multiple Pharma Intelligence Publications, including InVivo, Medtech Insight, the Pink Sheet and the Rose Sheet. Shown here, is SCRIP, the first publication we migrated off an antiquated system. The goal was to design a shared framework that works across all publications. This project had e-commerce flows and complicated permission states for articles.


American Society of Association Executives

I've designed multiple sites for the American Society of Association Executives, this is their main site ASAEcenter.org. This project was truly mobile-first, as I had an incredibly engaged stakeholder willing to make mobile-first content and design decisions.


Center for Growing Talent

I was the UX designer on the redesign of the Center for Growing Talent's website, the Foundation of the Produce Marketing Association. The goal was to design a website that appealed to the younger, more diverse generation, to encourage them to join the produce industry.