Center for Growing Talent

Rebranding the Produce Marketing Association's Foundation site to attract, develop and retain young and diverse talent.    |    Wireframes

After we redesigned the Produce Marketing Association's primary site, our stakeholders engaged us to work on their foundation's site. The primary goals were to ensure their site content reflected their mission; that they are a charitable organization created specifically by the industry, to get, train and keep the talent that will grow their industry.


My Role

  1. Interviewed stakeholders to understand business and redesign goals.
  2. Interviewed target audiences to understand their goals and how they currently interact with the foundation.
  3. Created new information architecture based on site analytics audit, stakeholder and user interviews.
  4. Ensured there was a balance of content across the site that rolled up to the three strategic pillars of attract, develop and retain.
  5. Worked with visual designer to facilitate a branding exercise.
  6. Sketched out new page types with real content, and created mobile first wireframes.
  7. Worked closely with visual designer and business systems analyst to architect the new site based on stakeholder and user research.

Project Artifacts


Kick-Off Deck

For the project kick-off, I put together this deck that discussed our goals and objectives for the project, content needs for persona, and how the stakeholders would define as success.