Reimagining what a State website can be, putting the constituent first by enabling access to top tasks. serves 6.5+ million residents of all ages, backgrounds and needs. The site has over 400 content authors contributing updates, across 275 State agencies. When we started, it had over 230 thousand unique URLs. We designed the new site to enable 720 top tasks for which constituents would visit the site.


My Role

  1. Identified broad-sweeping audiences and conducted user research to identify unique content needs. Interviewed stakeholders across multiple government agencies, and real users. 
  2. Conducted landscape analysis of tasks on 49 other US state websites.
  3. Listed the top tasks for which MA constituents come to the site, doing a deep dive into analytics to identify search terms and frequently visited page content.
  4. Defined and tested the new information architecture, reimagined content and created wireframes for key content types, established a scalable design pattern library for future projects.
^ Previous homepage

^ Previous homepage


Sample Wireframes

I created 100+ pages for this project in both Axure and Sketch, over the year and a half I worked on it. Here is a sample of my work, including the final, action-oriented sitemap.


Project Artifacts


Stakeholder and User Research 

Over the course of 8 weeks, we interviewed 50+ people, trying to find at least 2 people to represent each persona.


Treejack IA Test Findings

We tested 10 tasks based on action areas that are the highest priority for users, the areas the content team thought were most confusing yet couldn't change the name of (e.g. Unclaimed Property) and areas that we thought were most politically sensitive.

design system guide Design System Guide

As one of our final deliverables, we created a design system guide for designers, content authors, and anyone curious about the design patterns governing the new It includes the brand / style guide as well as guidelines for the templates, page types and components on the site.