Rochester Regional Health

Moving towards effortless care experience for patients by including them in their own healthcare choices (not redesigned yet)


Rochester Regional Health contacted Velir when they found out we redesigned Mainline Health's website. Myself and members of our new business and account teams went to Rochester to have a conversation about what they were looking for, digging into the problems they were trying to solve and how they would define success. As five hospitals in the region merged a few years ago, they have many challenges related to consistency, both on and offline. We're working towards transforming the site from a content-heavy site to a transactional site with a strong focus on the patient experience.


My Role

  1. Determined audiences, validate through qualitative and quantitative user research. 
  2. Interviewed stakeholders to understand business, redesign and research goals. Conduct kickoff meeting to validate and agree upon goals. 
  3. Established new information architecture and site taxonomy for physicians, services and locations. 
  4. Created personas and journey maps, validate through a cross disciplinary workshop with members of the digital team, marketing team, patient experience, communications teams.
  5. Synthesized discovery and workshop findings, the create a feature prioritization for the new site, based on a shared understanding of impact and difficulty.  
  6. Created wireframes for key page types with real content.
^ Current homepage

^ Current homepage


Sample Work

This work is from 3 project phases we've done with them. The first is a strategy and roadmap development, the second is a rebuild, which we're doing so we can own the code and position the site for a redesign, and the third is from the current discovery portion of a larger redesign.